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Stress and Quality of Life

#WS-1: You Can't Afford Employee Stress! How to Reduce Job Stress, a Costly Work and Public Health Epidemic by Amy Scholten, M.P.H.


This 30 page ebooklet will teach you:

* How to identify employee stress (even when it's not apparent)

* How to develop an organizational approach to reduce job stress rather than relying on short term "stress management" from EAPs

*Proven strategies for reducing work stress

*How to evaluate a workplace stress intervention

30 pages


Sensory Processing Sensitivity

#SG-1: Your Sensitivity is a Gift! A Guide to Self-esteem for Highly Sensitive People (Third Edition) by Amy Scholten, M.P.H.


Highly sensitive people (HSPs) feel unappreciated and abnormal in our society. Many don't realize that their sensitivity is a gift. This humorously illustrated guide will teach you simple habits for building self-esteem. You'll learn:

* How HSPs sabotage their self-esteem

* How to build new habits that increase self-esteem

*How to take care of your needs without being "selfish"

* Where to find supportive connections

43 pages, humorously illustrated

Was $7.00 Now just $5.95

#SG-2: Staying Sane  in an Insane World: 10 Soul-utions for Highly Sensitive People (Third Edition) by Amy Scholten, M.P.H.


Highly sensitive people feel more overwhelmed than most in today's world of rapid  change, overstimulation, and complexity. This beautiful  spiritual tips booklet offers 10 tips to help you find balance. You'll learn:

* How to embrace your connection to the divine

* How to transcend destructive social programming

*How to clear various types of clutter from your life

* How to create a calmer, more peaceful mindset and environment

31 pages, with beautiful photos

Was $5.50 Now just $4.95


#SG-3: The 10 Habits of Purposeful Sensitive People: Using the Gift of Awareness to Create a Meaningful Life
by Amy Scholten, M.P.H.


This tips booklet offers practical suggestions for setting and achieving goals when you're easily overwhelmed. Based on informal interviews with HSPs leading fulfilling, purposeful lives. You'll learn:

* How to clarify your purpose

* How to set HSP-realistic goals

*How to build small habits that help you reduce anxiety and achieve goals

* How to make highly sensitive emotions work for you

35 pages, includes beautiful artwork

Was $5.50 Now just $4.95

#SG-4: The Highly Sensitive Student's Guide to Surviving College by Amy Scholten, M.P.H.


Going to college for the first time can be a challenging experience for those who are easily overwhelmed. This booklet is a great resource for helping highly sensitive students have a successful college experience. Students will learn about:

* The gifts and challenges of being highly sensitive

* How to plan ahead to reduce overstimulation

* How to handle housing situations, social and academic pressures, and intense emotions

*Career planning for HSPs

20 pages, with photos

Was $5.50 Now just $4.95


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