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Our comprehensive wellness assessments and quizzes have been developed by internationally recognized public health expert and writer, Amy Scholten, MPH.

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Pretested Wellness and Psychosocial Assessments and Quizzes

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WA-2 How High is Your Self-esteem?

WA-3 Are You a Workaholic?


Are You Insecure in Your Relationship?

WA-5 Are You a Compulsive Shopper?

WA-6 How Introverted or Extroverted Are You?


What Is Your Anger Style?

WA-8 Are You a Highly Sensitive Person?


How Healthy is Your Diet?


Are You a Hypochondriac?

WA-11 How Much Social Anxiety Do You Have?

WA-12 Are You an Aggressive Driver?

WA-13 What Do Recurring Dreams Mean?

WA-14 Do You Have Attention Deficit Disorder?

WA-15 How Materialistic Are You?

WA-16 What Does Your Clothing Say About You?

WA-17 How Do Other People Perceive You?

WA-18 How Perfectionistic Are You?

WA-19 How High is Your Emotional Intelligence?

WA-20 Do You Have a Type A Personality?

WA-21 Do You Have Credit Card Addiction?

WA-22 Are You a Good Listener?

WA-23 How Anxious Are You?

WA-24 How Assertive Are You?

WA-25 Are You an Emotional Eater?

WA-26 How Innovative Are You?

WA-27 Are You a Good Negotiator?

WA-28 How Hardy (Mentally Tough) Are You?

WA-29 How Healthy Is Your Relationship?

WA-30 What Is Your Leadership Style?

WA-31 How Healthy is Your Lifestyle?


How Sociable Are You?

WA-33 Are You Depressed?

WA-34 How Self-confident Are You?

WA-35 How Selfless Are You?

WA-36 What is Your Dominant Brain Hemisphere?

WA-37 What Persons or Situations Inhibit You?

WA-38 What Your Symptoms May Be Telling You

WA-39 How Healthy is Your Sex Life?

WA-40 Do You Have an Internal or External Locus of Control ?

WA-41 Do You Have Healthy Sleep Habits?



WA-42: Weight Loss Myths and Truths
WA-43: Are You Ready to Lose Weight?
WA-43: What's Your Fitness I.Q.?
WA-44: Are You a Distracted Eater?
WA-45: What's Your Food Safety I.Q.?
WA-46: How Much Do You Know About Cholesterol?
WA-47: Do You Have a Healthy Body Image?
WA-48: How Emotionally Mature Are You?
WA-49: Are You Authentic?
WA-50: How Angry Are You?
WA-51: How Much Do You Know About Alcohol?
WA-52: How Much Do You Know About Nutrition?
WA-53: Are You a Romantic?
WA-54: How Adventurous Are You?
WA-55: Do You Get Enough Fiber in Your Diet?
WA-56: Are You in Charge of Your Life?
WA-57: What Is Your Parenting Style?
WA-58: How Do You Know When You Need Therapy?
WA-60: How Frugal Are You?
WA-61: How Competitive Are You?
WA-62: How Supportive is Your Social Life?
WA-63: Do You Have a Problem with Alcohol?
WA-64: How Impulsive Are You?

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